Daily Fabulousness 5-11

11 May

So, I literally almost died today. I went into a pet store near a resale shop as I was waiting for them to buy back some of my old clothes, expecting to see the usual puppies such as Yorkies, Poodles, etc that are at pet stores. BUT, instead what I saw was a PIG. Yes, there is a store near my house that sells BABY PIGS. It was so cute, I immediately began asking the man all kinds of questions about the miniature pig. It was all black, was using a litter box, and weighed 5 lbs. Something like this: 

From : http://ann.learnpysanky.com/blog/2007-10-15-minipigs.jpg

I mean, look at that oinker!! SO sweet. I could just imagine myself living on a big property with a little sweet piglet and some chickens. But, clearly I was getting carried away. So, of course, when I went home, I began to research these sweet little piglets. Turns out they are quite popular with the celebrity crowd. Everyone knows that George Clooney had one for like 20 years. But, Paris Hilton and  Posh&Becks are also pig owners!! I mean how could you not love a face like this: 


Pros of owning a pig: 

They are the cleanest pets to have

They are smarter than dogs

Once they bond to you, they are very affectionate 

Its unique&trendy 

Cons of having a pig: 

The grow up to look like this: 


Also, apparently, because they are so smart, they need a lot of attention or they get lonely. 



I am fond of pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals. 
Winston Churchill 


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