Hello World! Take Two

11 May

 In my typical way, I had mispelled “thoroughly” on my first blog and thanks I finally realized it! Of course, I didn’t check this. Typical. Anyways, I am going to copy and paste all of my previous blog entries onto this new blog so sorry for any inconvenience& that is why they all say May 11th. As my sister, M, says ” You definitely learned a lesson today.” Thanks J, you rock. 

My pup


Today is a big day. It is my first day with my new blog! I started this blog a couple months back on blogger.com but I didnt particularly like the way that it was set up so I made the move to WordPress.com, hoping for better experience. Basically, I’m a twenty-something year old student and I’m taking the summer off to try to figure myself out. I love art, travel, cooking, and I want to be better at all of those things however I’m scattered, ditzy, and neurotic so we’ll see how it goes. I feel like my generation is so saturated with video games, graphics, 3D movies, and social media, that we barely get a chance to just sit and think. I want to be great, I want to be successful, and I want to change the world.  I just started reading Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert and it has sent me off on my own quest for understanding, while maybe not spirituality. However, I kinda of doubt that I will find my peace through organized religion. I’m not going to talk much about religion in this blog because I want it to be more focused on food, art, design, etc. However, I will carry on this previous blogpost from my unsuccessful try at blogging on blogger.com

“Im I a very religious person? No, not really. BUT I believe a few earthly things can be religious. Mainly beauty, art, and kindness can save your soul. Currently, I’m obsessed with Spring Awakening after Melissa and I saw it at the Winspear Opera House in Dallas. In Spring Awakening- there is a song called “I believe” sung by the two main characters, Melachoir and Wendla (Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff for all you Glee-buffs). In “I believe”- the lyrics sing, ”I believe there is love in heaven. I believe all will be forgiven.Sometimes, it would be nice if everyone would truly live their lives in the manner of Jesus. We live on this world to love, appreciate, and care for each other. Lets leave the judgments up to Jesus. We have no power to say who are sinners and who are saints. Just live your life in the best possible way and let others live there’s as well. And who knows- maybe you’ll find inspiration and religion, where you least expect it.  I believe.” In the last year, my dear grandfather and my friend, Arun, both passed away. I frequently have dreams about both and wonder where they are. My grandfather was a true giant among man and will never ever be replaced in my heart but he was 99 and lived a very full and fulfilling life. However, Arun had an accident and passed away the week before his 21st birthday. was a truly UNIQUE person and I really do mean it. You know when people die and everyone is like OMG- I love love love (insert name here), they were just the greatest/smartest/funniest/sweetest/most incredible person ever! And your like, I want people to talk about me like that when I’m dead, I should just stage my own funeral ala Tom Sawyer… But, in actuality the person could be a crazy or nutjob and people would still talk like that. Arun was a true individual and beyond intelligent. When we were all trying to just BLEND on the first day of high school, he came to school with a BRIGHT pink mohawk. He was just so individual in a way that if anyone else tried to replicate- they would just be a J.D Sallinger Phony. 

Anyways, I picked the name “Throughly Modern Maggie” as a homage to “Throughly Modern Millie.” Throughly Modern Millie is a musical about a  girl and her madcap adventures, which I’m kinda of hoping for through this blog. Anyways- hope you enjoy the ride as much as I will.

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