11 May

Like every other twenty-something in America, I am obsessing over the Sex and the City 2 Trailer. Other than the obvious question on everyone’s mind (AIDENS BACK????), my other musing is how influential this movie will be on trends. I think Moroccan will be very in this summer to mirror the outfits the women rock in the movies. In the scene where they are all walking into the hotel, Carrie is wearing this gorgeous 1970s inspired, Halston Heritage Dress: 



I mean, come on this dress is fab. (It’s $325- YIKES!) However, I feel like as a twenty-something year old living in Texas, this dress is just WAY over the top. My roommate, A, mentioned that her mom, Mama J, wants to get this dress and I think she would look absolutely stunning in it. But for me, although, its a classic brand, I would feel like Maleficant from Sleeping Beauty in that cape. Therefore, I have found myself a similar, more youthful alternative. Similar, yet different. 


Property of

 I love the one shoulder, I love the color, and more than that I love that its only $33. Wowza.


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