Let there be LIGHT.

11 May

“She would rather light a candle than curse the darkness, and her glow has warmed the world.” – A. Stevenson

While scent candles can get somewhat of a reputation for being for new aged hippies and crazy cat ladies, I believe like that candles are to a house like jewelry is to a nice outfit. The room just isnt complete without it. My roommate, A, got me instantly hooked on candles after living with her in the sorority house last year. There is nothing better than walking into a room that just smells amazing especially considering I have two dogs and a cat at home. I have convinced myself that a great candle instantly makes my day better, makes me study harder, and makes my room seem cleaner- delusional right???  I have spent so much time trying to find the perfect candle that I consider myself almost a connoisseur of them. So I thought I’d share my little research project  with y’all. My criteria for candles are: smell (not nauseating/migraineinducing), the saturation of the candle’s smell in the room (strong, weak, non existent), and burn quality (time, evenness of the wax). 

Candle #1: Nest (Tie!)

I cannot rave enough about these candles. They are sold at Neiman Marcus as well as online. They have the absolute best fragrances and burn SO evenly. I almost believe God himself invented Nest Candles. My favorite smell is grapefruit but roommate, A, loves the Bamboo because it reminds her of her home. I seriously doubt you could go wrong with either. 
 This candle also has the most even burn ever so you have no waxy build up and last forever. I also don’t think its Christmas without the “Holiday” Nest candle, so perfectly christmas-y.  The only issue that I have with these candles is that the scent can be overpowering if you are not a candle person. The normal size is $32 but I think I may take the plunge and get a 3-wick $58 one. That is how much I love them!  Good for people who like a strong smelling/long lasting candle in large spaces. Bad for people who want a more colorful look as all the candles are white with a metallic stripe votive. 

Candle #1 : Henri Bendel (Tied with Nest)

It was love at first sight with me and my Henri Bendel candle. I LOVE whimsical boxes like these and I am a big sucker for packaging and therefore was enamored. But what sold me was the deliciousness of the smell, the longevity of the burn time, and good price. I would really recommend the Peony (my fave flower) and the Grapefruit but thats just me! Plus these candles make me feel very metropolitan/Sex and the City because Henri Bendels reminds me of NYC. One word: Yum.  Good for people who like cleaner scents that are less strong. Bad for people who want a strong lasting scent 


Candle #3: Tyler’s 

From http://www.banglesandbagsonline.com/

I honestly don’t think I would have survived having the Swine Flu without my Birthday Cake scented Tyler’s Candle. The best part of these candles is how delicious they smell. It’s like walking into a house and thinking their is a cake in the oven. They also burn very evenly which is a huge plus for me. The leopard print lid is very cute as well, very much my twin. Great price point and the  fragrance is good without overpowering. Good for people who like perfuming/ non-citrus scents and sweet smelling (Vanilla-ish) fragrances. Bad for people who may want a more citrus, fresh scent 

Candle #4:  Febreze 


Okay I know that Febreze Candles may sound really strange but I am telling you they are great. They burn evenly, smell amazing, and they last a long time. The ideal situation to have a febreze candle is if you are cooking something that may linger or need something to freshen up your bathroom. They are really affordable and don’t have a huge FEBREZE logo on them (so everyone wont know that you in the need for some odor killers!) I even think the glass is trendy looking! The scents even get exotic with smells like Brazilian Carnival, Hawaiian Aloha, and Thai Dragon Fruit but they are a lot of traditional scents too! Can be very overpowering, use in large spaces!  Good for people who want non-obvious odor eating i.e pet owners & fish lovers and people who want a less expensive candle Bad for people who dont want a strong, very long lasting scent. 

Candle #5: Seda France 

You cannot go wrong with a Seda France Candle, I mean common Oprah had them on her show! Although, they are evenly priced with the Nest Candle and that’s a little tricky for me because I love NEST so much. The Japanese Quince is amazing, my roommate, A, burned it all the time when we lived in the sorority house (til it got confiscated for breaking rules…) My only issues with them is that they do not burn as evenly and if you are in a larger room, the smell gets really muted. I wouldn’t say they are the best but they are pretty damn good! Good for people who want trendy  design with a nice scent. Bad for people who dont want to spent $32 on a candle 

Candle #6: Agraria 

There is no doubt about it that Agraria is a master candle maker. I have the Blood Orange one at home and it really is incredible. But I’m a twenty-something year old and paying $75 for a 50 hour burn time is a little crazy. However, the hand cut crystal votive it comes in is almost worth the asking price. I mean hello, you can totally re-use that as a vase!  Good for people who want luxury. 


Voluspa (can give me headaches!) & Pottery Barn (does not burn evenly) & Of course anything pumpkin scented 

Still Wanna Try: 

Lollia, Jo Malone, D.L & C.0, Ms. Meyers 

Do Not Like: 

Target, Glad, Bath&Body Works, Slatkin&Co, Drug Store Generic, Juicy, Anything Rose scented 

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