Whats My Age Again??

11 May

Any college student can tell you-post exam time is filled with parties, vodka shots, and cocktails. Celebrating being done with yet another (<sigh>) semester. How is it possible I am about to be a senior in college?? Time flies like CRAZY. Even though everyone always exaggerates how TERRIBLE their teachers were/how boring their classes were, in reality were all scared shitless to graduate. Driving around town today, I saw so many seniors posing with my college’s sign, statues, and flag. WTF- this will be me next year. I saw my good friend J crossing the street in his cap and gown. I felt like I was in a nightmare! I wanted to scream “WHYYYYY GOD. I WANT TO BE YOUNG&RECKLESS. I DONT WANT TO GROW UP, I’M NOT READY TO HAVE SAGGY BOOBS!!!! NOOOOOO” I mean yesterday boyfriend’s roommate, K, proposed  ***YES, PROPOSED** to his girlfriend J. Even though I am beyond happy for them, because lets face it- we all deserve to find someone who can stand for the next seventy years to marry, I kept asking myself, “when did i grow up??”  I mean K and I were born on the same day, same year and all and J is a month younger than me. I feel like a kid still! It reminded me of that blink-182 song and I just kept singing in my head- “And that’s about the time she walked away from me. Nobody loves you when your 23. And you still act like you’re in Freshman year. What the hell is wrong with me?. My friends say I should act my age. What’s my age again? What’s my age again?” Sad thing is, I’m still only 21. Can you say- Quarter Life Crisis? And congrats to all my graduating friends. Good luck in the real world. Let me know what you find out there.


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