Daily Fabulousness- May 12

12 May




One of my favorite things to do is to try new restaurants, new areas, and kinda get off the beaten path. Don’t get me wrong, I love restaurants like Mi Cocina more than anything but sometimes its fun to just try something new. Today, my family (parents, M&her bf, and bro-in-law M) and I went down to the Bishops Arts District in Oak Cliff. While immediately when people hear Oak Cliff they assume negative things but  it was such a great and pleasant experience. With its brick roads and unique shops&restaurants it did not even seem like Dallas.  It seemed so friendly with kids playing in sidewalk restaurants and old couples holding hands at dinner.  Unlike some areas in Dallas, there was none of the pretentious crowd- $30,000 millionaires, instead it seemed much more laid back. People seemed to enjoy peaceful meals and good wine.  We went to a delicious eatery called Veracruz which was Mexican mixed with more native (Aztec, Mayan) flair. SO good (Totally recommend the blue corn enchiladas). I loved my margarita which was made even sweeter by the fact that they had Happy Hour all day Monday- Wednesday. There was also a place called the Soda Gallery with 100s of unique sodas from all over the world and even a place where a couple made all their own soap! It was funky in the most perfect way. Definitely something we need more of in Dallas. Its pet friendly, artsy, and seems like your on a vacation just by going to any of the amazing restaurants. I would recommend anyone checking it out for something unique and it would make a great date! 


Restaurants Include: Hatties, Cafe Brazil, Eno’s Pizza Tavern, Tillman’s, VeraCruz, Dude, Sweet Chocolate, Cafe Madrid





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