Daily Fabulousness 5-13

13 May

Another reason why Central Market is my favorite grocery store ( and so much more) is it’s new Passport to Argentina: 


Here is a list of events I found at http://sidedish.dmagazine.com/2010/05/12/central-market-readies-for-passport-argentina/

—Cooking classes taught by world-renowned Argentinean chefs Francis Mallmann and Narda Lepes
—A “mini-version” of Buenos Aires’ San Telmo crafts and art market for gifts, trinkets, and apparel
—A Sampling of robust Malbecs and other varietals with world-famous Argentine vintners Susana Balbo, Laura Catena and Sebastian Zuccardi
—Tango lessons taught by Argentinean instructors
—Grilling “a la parrilla” outside the stores on patios and walkways, and featuring choripanes (a type of sausage sandwich) and South American beef
Central Market chefs preparing such authentic Argentinean treats as alfajores (a kind of confection) and empanadas (stuffed dough patties)


I personally cannot wait to go grab myself some empanadas! I hope that this is very successful so Central Market will do more Passports in the future such as Passport China, Passport France, Passport Russia, etc. 


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