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Doggie Day Out

12 May


I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love.  For me they are the role model for being alive.  ~Gilda Radner




In February, we bought a  Cavalier pup after experiencing& loving my sister, J’s, Cavalier pup Mela so much. His name is Dylan and he is just the sweetest thing ever. However, our 4 lb papillion, Rocky, bullies Dylan so much that 22lb Dylan is really scared of other dogs&strangers. Which if anyone has ever seen a Cavalier, this is a VERY uncommon trait. We always say that Mela would kiss a stranger instead of bark at one- she’s just so friendly! Therefore, sister M and I decided that we should take Dylan to a dog park in order for him to become more comfortable with other dogs.  The weather is SO humid here, I feel like I am  living in Houston, so clearly the outdoor dog park was out. But then I remembered that my friend, DBG’s mom takes their puggle to a place called Unleashed.  




It’s a HUGE indoor dog park in Dallas, Texas. It is literally heaven on earth for dogs. At first, I was a bit apprehensive because there were dogs barking and Dylan has never been around big dogs. We went into the smaller/tamer dog area where the daycare dogs were hanging out. Dylan was so nervous at first but got really into it and was playing with all these dogs. He got dominated by a bulldog/Boston Terrier mix but he seemed to enjoy the park a lot. I paid $4.50 for a membership and $7 per visit and I completely think that it was really worth it. The next time we go, I think we might start into the bigger dog area where he could be more energetic. However, there was a doberman pincher in there today ( i LOVE dobermans!) but I was a little worried it might be too big for Dylan to play with. They also had a cafe, a store, and dog groomers. The only draw back to the place is that it is kinda a drive. If anyone has a dog and wants a fun activity to do with it, I would definitely suggest Unleashed!  In the pictures, they don’t show this but they have tons of balls and climbing things for the dogs to play with- they even have a pool for pups to play in! 




I definitely think I am going to make my bff, C, bring her dog, Penny Lane, to Unleashed with me! 



Dylan in the front, Rocky in the back


Princess Penny Lane


Daily Fabulousness (From May 9th)

11 May

I want to thank my sister, M, for turning my attention to Glamour Magazine’s What To Wear for Your Body Shape spread. Usually, I flip through these, depressingly admit that I am a pear, and move on. In the words of my sister – “The lady from the bridal shop called me about my bridesmaid dress, she said I was a 0 on top but a 6 on the bottom.” We laughed. Clearly, pear-shaped-ness runs in the fam. However, this time I saw a dress that I immediately became obsessed with and called all of the Anne Taylor Loft’s in my area looking for my size. I honestly believe this dress would look good on any shape- not just pear and some of my “boy shaped” friends bought it. It’s colors and print are so in for the summer and the one-shoulder look has never been hotter. I got the petite (even though I am far from) in order to make it tighter and shorter for a younger look.  I would consider pairing these my my amazing Cynthia Vincent for target flats or wedges. I’ve loved Cynthia Vincent and her 12th street collection for a long time now so I was thrilled to see them at Target. With the dress priced at $60 (there is a sale going on and please Anne Taylor is great quality so its really a bargain) and the wedges priced at $30- you’ve got a US Weekly caliber outfit for under $100. Gotta Love Summer!!